Mike Vinci

Mike Vinci

Senior Platform Engineer (CI/CD)

Sony PlayStation

About Me

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Books. Traveling. IOT Mad Science.

With a dedicated career in Systems Development, my core competencies lie in the orchestration of cloud resources, implementation of robust CI/CD pipelines, and the scalable deployment of containerized solutions. I bring a wealth of experience working with key technologies including Jenkins, GitLab, AWS, Kubernetes, & Terraform.

I am continually motivated to broaden my skill set, consistently seeking out new challenges as catalysts for ongoing professional growth.

  • R&D for CI/CD
  • Cloud Infrastructure
  • Automation Platforms


Sony PlayStation
Senior Platform Engineer (CI/CD)
Sony PlayStation
May 2023 – Present Austin, TX

Responsibilities include:

  • Monitored and optimized the performance of ArgoCD deployments, proactively addressing issues and enhancing overall system reliability.
  • Translated .gitlab-ci.yml files into repeatable GitHub Actions workflows, ensuring seamless migration and compatibility across platforms.
  • Automated security scanning processes, improving efficiency and ensuring consistent coverage across diverse codebases.
  • Managed multi-environment pipelines in GitLab, facilitating the deployment of applications to development, staging, and production environments with ease.
  • Automated the process of publishing build artifacts to Artifactory as part of the CI/CD pipeline, ensuring reliable artifact storage and accessibility.
Wyze Labs
Systems Engineer III
Wyze Labs
December 2020 – May 2023 Seattle, WA

Responsibilities include:

  • Led the system engineering effort for Wyze/Roku Smart Home app platform, overseeing the end-to-end development and deployment process.
  • Developed and implemented dynamic Terraform modules to standardize AWS deployments.
  • Transitioned existing manually-created AWS resources into multi-region Terraform deployments.
  • Implemented deployment scheme for custom ECK EKS clusters to be spun up on-demand and ready to integrate with services immediately.
  • Centralized promotion and rollback strategy for development environments in AWS.
Solers, a Peraton Company
Systems Engineer II
Solers, a Peraton Company
June 2016 – December 2020 Arlington, VA

Responsibilities include:

  • Led System Engineering team in high-availability Kubernetes cluster IRAD deployed in AWS GovCloud using Helm.
  • Increased reliability in Infrastructure as Code deployments by leveraging Ansible and Maven in project releases.
  • Implemented Gerrit, Jenkins, and SonarQube CI/CD pipelines for multiple projects to increase overall efficiency of code coverage and delivery.
  • Hardened Docker images for gov customers to help reduce time to live across a number of orgs.




Feel free to reach out for projects or collaborations!